As we all know the YouTube is the most popular video platform not only for elders but it’s also pretty popular among the kids. We all know that YouTube has the most Popular and amazing videos for kids. But in some recent years, people found that the kids have been viewing some inappropriate videos on Youtube. But thanks to Youtube who has many options for parents which allow them to restrict kids for viewing that kind inappropriate videos.

How to prevent kids for inappropriate Videos

Here we will discuss some options through which we can restrict our kids on YouTube.

Setting a passcode on YouTube Kids App

Follow the below steps and set a password so the kids cannot bypass the restrictions that you can define.

  • Open the YouTube Kids app on iOS or Android
  • Click the lock icon on the bottom-right.
  • Solve the mathematical problem and tap Submit.
  • Set a four-digit passcode, and confirm it.

By setting a passcode the kids cannot bypass app restrictions as long as they do not know the passcode.

If you are signed in with your account on YouTube. Follow the below steps to enable the settings to keep your kids safe on YouTube.

  • Open the YouTube Kids app on iOS or Android
  • Tap the lock icon on the bottom-right. Enter your passcode.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap on kid’s profile name.
  • Enter “Gmail password” and sign in.
  • Disable the “allow searching”. This will remove the search option and restrict your kids from searching for videos on YouTube Kids.
  • Enable “approved content” only. Once you do this, you can go to the app’s home screen and select the channels you want your kids to watch videos from. Each of these channels has been approved by a human curator, so your child isn’t at the mercy of Google’s algorithms alone.
  • Enable “pause” watch history. This will prevent YouTube Kids from using video views or search terms in the app to recommend videos.

If you are not signed in with a YouTube account. The most of settings and controls may not available to make some restrictions for Kids. So you may try below tips.

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These Settings will let you allow to restrict your kids how long they can watch use or watch videos on YouTube through the YouTube kid’s app.

  • Open the YouTube Kids app on iOS or Android.
  • Play any video.
  • Pause the video and then tap on the “Flag icon” or Report button.
  • Select the issue with the video from three options — inappropriate audio, inappropriate video, or other.
  • Tap Report.
  • You can also block specific videos from appearing on the YouTube Kids app. Open any channel on YouTube Kids.
  • Tap the three vertical dots icon under the video.
  • Tap Block this video.

 All of the above steps will help you to keep your children from inappropriate videos

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