Adobe is bringing Illustrator App to the iPad in 2020 – Reports

Adobe confirmed that the illustrator will join the Apple iPad early this year. Currently, the app is in beta testing however it seems Adobe wants to bring many of its “Creative Cloud” software to Apple’s devices. Bloom berg also reported that the next Adobe CC app for the iPad will be Illustrator.

Adobe has chosen Illustrator as the future key app that will be installed on Apple iPad. This is the most recent attempt to develop a version of desktop products for mobile devices by the company.

Based on the report the company could preview Illustrator for iPad in its upcoming “Adobe Max conference” in November 2019, and making the best efforts to launch the full version in 2020. The app is expected to have many important features from Adobe Illustrator’s desktop app version. Bloom berg says, “Illustrator is one of Adobe’s most popular apps in its Creative Cloud software suite and would mirror many of the features from the desktop version when running on the iPad.”

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Adobe spokeswoman said in an interview when she asked about the company’s future planes “We have nothing new to share at this time”. This means Photoshop app for iPad will not be all that was stated when it finally launches. The beta versions of Photoshop for iPad are evidently missing a few important key functions from the desktop version.

Scott Belsky (the chief product officer of the Apple’s Creative Cloud group) said Adobe would “expand the capabilities” of Photoshop on iPad over time.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber published that “Feature-wise, it feels like a beefed-up cloud-based version of their existing iPad apps and not ‘real Photoshop’ as advertised.” So perhaps missing features at release will show up in the app soon, as Belsky promised.

Adobe could offer an update on Photoshop for iPad at its Max conference. So we don’t have to wait for a long time for more information about Adobe’s strategies.

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