Airpods 2 vs Airpods 1 – Apple

This comparison is although not fair because of Airpod’s 2nd generation released after two years of 1st generation Airpods. But the interesting thing about this comparison that both devices have a similar design and somehow a bit different in the specification side.



Airpods 2 Airpods 1
H1 Chip W1 Chip
5 hours (Music Playback) 5 hours (Music Playback)
3 hours (Talktime) 2 hours (Talktime)
Hey Siri (Supported)  Touch Support
Wireless Case (Support) Wireless Case (Support)


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So, the main difference is in the chip and also in the battery timing while doing some phone calls. The main thing that you also get a wireless case for your Airpods 1st generation in $79 directly from your Apple Store.

Thank you.

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