This comparison is although not fair because of Airpod’s 2nd generation released after two years of 1st generation Airpods. But the interesting thing about this comparison that both devices have a similar design and somehow a bit different in the specification side.



Airpods 2 Airpods 1
H1 Chip W1 Chip
5 hours (Music Playback) 5 hours (Music Playback)
3 hours (Talktime) 2 hours (Talktime)
Hey Siri (Supported)  Touch Support
Wireless Case (Support) Wireless Case (Support)


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So, the main difference is in the chip and also in the battery timing while doing some phone calls. The main thing that you also get a wireless case for your Airpods 1st generation in $79 directly from your Apple Store.

Thank you.