Amazon offers Eero mesh Wi-Fi and galaxy S20 at low price

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

If you are one of them, who are working from home during coronavirus pandemic, having an Eero mesh Wi-Fi network will help to make the best of your home internet problem. They remove signal dropouts as well as the need to remain close to your Wi-Fi router, as you can position them around your house. Therefore, you can get work done anywhere you see suitable inside your home.

Eero mesh Wi-Fi systemsSome of Eero Wi-Fi mesh devices are currently being discounted at Amazon. They have lower performance than the Eero’s Pro series of mesh Wi-Fi devices, but they are easy to set up and manage. And, most significantly, they deliver decent wireless network coverage. You can purchase either a single mesh Wi-Fi router or a three-pack. And you can easily connect more routers to your mesh network later if you only need one now.

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Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers  (three-pack)       $249.00 $199.00

Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers (single-pack)     $99.00 $79.00

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus

One of the best offers on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus that happened yesterday is still going on. Both smartphones launched earlier this month, and you can save up $200 on the original price already, which takes the S20 down to $799.99 and the S20 Plus down to $1,149.99. If you were considering purchasing the Galaxy S10 because of the high original selling price of the S20, this might lead you to change your decision.

Samsung Galaxy s20 plus

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  Samsung Galaxy S20 5G                        Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G

Not only the price difference, but the Samsung Galaxy S20 also offers a leap in photography capabilities over the Galaxy S10, and has a high refresh rate display. Hence, so your content seems fluid as it animates.

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