As technology is becoming advanced, security is becoming a big problem for Android users. Many people believe that antivirus apps are essential for android devices.

Android Security, Ineffective anti-virus Apps

But, we have a new report about the antivirus Apps which claimed that a huge number of these anti-malware and anti-virus apps are not working efficiently and are unreliable. Just because these anti-virus apps are not effective to break the security threads. This report is published by AV-Comparatives (an Austrian antivirus testing company). The company includes more than 250 antivirus apps in their surveyed while only 80 antivirus apps were found to detect over 30% during the individual test. Moreover, most apps were found to have relatively high-false alarm rates.

In the detailed report, AV-Comparatives chose 138 apps that are offering the most popular antivirus apps on Google Play. In this list, Avast antivirus is also taking place along with other famous antivirus apps like Bitdefender, AVG, Du Master, Cheetah Mobile, ESET, F-Secure, Falcon Security Lab, Google Play Protect, McAfee, Malwarebytes, VSAR and Symantec.

The researcher tested manually all 250 apps which they selected. They simply installed each app on Android device one by one and then followed a fully automated process. This process was repeated for 2000 times so it helped to highlight that, the app is not well effective to detect malware or virus.

Few of antivirus apps were able to detect malicious apps but not all. Most apps were not capable to detect some old malware samples and also allowed other apps that contained similar strings. A very shocking point of this survey is that some of the antivirus apps even detected own services as malicious because their companies did not add their own app name to the whitelist. Some apps also used wildcards to allow services beginning with text such as etc. definitely this is a very dangerous practice as we all know the hackers also use the same kind of packages for their malicious apps to get access and bypass the security levels.

The “AV-Comparatives” used 2000 most common Android malware threats for their testing. The detection rate around 90 to 100% should easily be detected by any effective anti-virus app. Most interestingly, 170 out of 250 apps were failed in this test. While only 23 test apps are claimed to detect 100% of malware samples, and sixteen apps are not even designed for Android 8.0 or above.

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Google has its own “Google Play Protect” to protect users from malware and viruses for Android devices by default. But a number of Android users getting this app from unknown sources or third-party sources or in the form of APK files. Definitely, this is a very dangerous practice that increases the chances of threads and malware attacks because these sources could use a code built-in the app to get access to Android devices.

So Android user must think twice to download any app from a third-party source or in the form of APK available to decrease the risk of virus and malware attacks.

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