Apple has Increased Apps Download and updates Limit from 150MB to 200MB

Good news for Apple users. Apple has increased the App Store Mobile’s data download limit from 150MB to 200MB. That means is, now Apple iPhone users can update or download apps up to 200MB in size from Apple’s App Store by using cellular data.

Apple has Increased Apps Download and update Limit from 150MB to 200MBit is actually a very good decision and safe practices to prevents users from unexpectedly updating an app or downloading a large file. although in some cases, the limit enforced on installing apps over cellular data can be very smaller like 150MBs.

The last time in 2017, Apple has increased the downloading limit over cellular data from 100MB to 150 Mb. The improvement was included with the release of iOS 11, which also launched a redesigned App Store.

Although, the company has not exposed the explanation for this increased download limit,, it may be increased because of apps gaining the size in recent times. in other hands, we can not consider this increment as too substantial because large sized games and apps can cross that limit.

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We hope that Apple someday gets rid of the download limit in its entirety. In its place, Apple should implement a multi-step protocol to make sure that users don’t accidentally download a very large file and burn a hole in their pocket with inflated data bills from their carrier.
Hopefully, the company will get rid of that kind of downloading limits and will apply a multi-step process to ensure that the users do not download a large file accidentally.

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