Apple has reportedly placed Walkie-Talkie technology on hold for iPhones,  that might have allowed people to send SMS to other iPhones through 900MHz radiofrequency. which is usually intended for dispatchers in the manufacturing and utility industries to allow the cell phones to act like walkie-talkies for texts.

Apple has put Walkie-Talkie Technology on hold for iPhones

Based on the Information, It seems this could be different than Walkie-Talkie feature of Apple‘s Watch, which is mainly a PPT (push-to-talk) Face Time voice call.

According to the information, Apple and Intel had been working together on this technology, which could possibly have been built-in into the Intel chips incoming iPhones.  This project reportedly named as Project OGRS, which can be most likely referring to a year ago relating to something called OGRS (Off-Grid Radio Service). The “information” explains a wireless device-to-device conversation system that seems as if it works well, OGRS, could be much like the shelved concept. (Intel apparently called this effort the Project Shrek.)

According to the Information reports.  Previously the main character of this project, Rubén Caballero left the Apple. The most shaking news for the industry, Apple is deciding to settle down with Qualcomm earlier this year and also expected to move from Intel to Qualcomm modems that have played a big role as well. This news is big enough the fact that Intel ended up offering its whole mobile phone modem business, which Apple previously picked up for $1 billion.

Converting walkie-talkie into a cell phone is not a fresh idea. Most of the industrial employees have used cell phones with push-to-talk Function for years. Which provide them priority on mobile networks to make walkie-talkie-like calls. There are also phones available in the market with a properly integrated walkie-talkie built-in.


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