Apple hired former Google’s AI Expert for “Special Project”

As a new race in Tech world has begun to hire top-level specialists / Professionals in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). And now, one more ex-employee of Google named Ian Goodfellow has been hired by Apple. Ian Goodfellow joined Apple’s “intriguing” “Special Project” team.


Some days before, Goodfellow modified his LinkedIn account profile with new information. He updated that he is now working with Apple as Director of ML (Machine Learning) with the Special Project Group.

The Goodfellow (One of the most leading names in Artificial Intelligence) has also worked with Google and “OpenAI” (Elon Musk-Founded lab) Previously, Apple also hired Google’s Head of Artificial Intelligence John Giannandrea in April 2018.

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iPhone-maker also hired a former Vice President of the “Electric Powertrains” as the Senior Director of Engineering in “Special Project Group”.

Apple is actually working on a project named “Titan” to develop an “Autonomous System” for Vehicles that need a top-level Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers. So, therefore, Apple is hiring top executives from other major companies.


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