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Apple is bringing Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time Features to Mac iOS

These shortcuts will make user able to create “Custom Siri Voice” commands

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is going to help in June 2019. In this conference, Apple will expectedly announce its upcoming and significant versions of iOS, including macOS and some other software updates. Guilherme Rombo (The Author at 9to5Mac.com) reported that the Company is planning to deliver the Siri shortcuts Feature to the MacOS 10.15.

These shortcuts will make users able to create “Custom Siri Voice” commands, which will trigger the actions in a specified App. Each Shortcut will be able to include multiple apps, and these actions will be chained together. That’s why this feature is one of the most favorite and best choice for power users.

Right now, the Company will provide those same features and capabilities to the Mac. As per the 9to5Mac reports, these Shortcuts may only work for some so-called specific apps like Voice Memos, Apple News, and Home, which is already shifted from iOS to the Mac.

There are some rumors that Apple has more Planes to support the developers for Siri Shortcuts on the Apple iOS. Alongside this, it is also expected that the developers could be able to start producing their iPad and iPhone apps to Mac-based computers. The Screen time feature is also set on the first appearance on macOS 10.15, which displays the actual amount of time that the user spends using the device and individual apps daily.

The user is also allowed to set limits for specific app usage with the screen time option. In case the permitted time is exceeded, the user will have to enter the postcode again to keep using the app.

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