Apple is developing satellite technology to support its devices – Reports

Bloomberg’s new report says that Apple is developing satellite technology to transmit data to mobile devices and could launch a new software project in five years.

Although, there are many unknowns and alerts. The idea is “very early and maybe canceled,” says Bloomberg “Apple’s ultimate goal remains uncertain”. It is also unclear whether the company would like to build its satellites or merely use satellite data from others.

Nonetheless, the iPhone maker can do some useful things with the technology in place. Apple could improve its maps and monitoring points or increase mobile reception and Internet coverage for its Mobile Devices, which makes the company more self-employed.

Bloomberg reports says that Apple currently has only a dozen developers but is continuously hiring. The team is said to be headed by a few aerospace engineers, “Michael Trela and John Fenwick,” who worked with Google in 2014, Skybox Imaging. While Google focused on satellites and rockets before switching into Apple in 2017.

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Some findings are timely, but Apple is certainly not the only technology company involved in satellites. The company is experiencing a renaissance, as new technologies have reduced costs. SpaceX and Amazon both collaborate on their internet distribution programs via satellite and have begun to launch what will eventually turn into thousands of constellations of crafts into the low Earth orbit.

The satellite industry has a revamped history and has major failures such as Iridium, GlobalStar, and Teledisc. Such businesses were very financed and began satellite fleets in the 1990s, but ultimately did not support themselves because of the financial and technical challenges.

This remains to be seen whether Apple satellites fail or float. Nevertheless, Bloomberg notes that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has taken an interest in the project – which is potentially positive in the rise in R&D investment (up 14% to 16 billion dollars in 2019).


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