Apple stores experiencing iPhones replacement shortage due to Coronavirus

According to the Apple Stores, employees who spoke with Bloomberg, Apple has told its retail tech support staff that stock of substitute iPhones will be limited for the next few weeks. This shortfall is one of the first cases of the current coronavirus epidemic and its many ripple effects on industries around the world, impacting the existing product supply for the iPhone manufacturer. Bloomberg notes that the company’s iPhone 11 and iPad Pro lines have also started to look sluggish.

The company said in a recent investor conference that it does not expect to meet revenue targets in the second financial quarter of 2020, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said that worldwide iPhone sales Delivery will be “temporarily limited.” But at that time, it was unclear whether the effects of the Coronavirus would affect alternative products, such as existing iPhones.

Apple monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy, South Korea

If your phone is badly damaged up to the point of needing to be replaced – there will be a limited supply of replacement devices to replace it over the next two to four weeks, according to reports. The report also notes that some Apple Stores locations are short on individual parts, meaning that in those cases, minor repairs that are usually handled in-store may not be possible due to a shortage.

This does not mean that if your phone is not working, then you are without any options. Bloomberg says an Apple memo told employees that stores have the opportunity to either send the iPhone to consumers whenever available or lend the iPhone until an alternative is available.

Bloomberg notes that Apple has reopened most Apple-based Apple stores in China that were closed due to the COVID-19 virus. This could be a sign that other areas of Apple’s business may soon be operating normally. Also, the fact that Apple expects the shortage to continue for four weeks may mean the recovery of alternative phones is booming in the meantime.

Coronavirus related malware is spreading rapidly, says Checkpoint Research

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