Apple’s extra Layer to secure In-App Store Subscriptions


Apple has included an extra Pop-Up screen through which the users can verify that they want to pay for continuing the App Subscriptions or not. The Pop-Up screen will show up after the first Touch ID or Face ID confirmation once a user will tap on the in-app subscription option or download the Apps.

Apple’s extra Layer to secure In-App Store Subscriptions

The confirmation of the Subscription menu will explain to help users that the subscription will remain active unless the user cancels these settings.

This feature was initially discovered by a developer “David Barnard. This is very useful information to know because most Apps attract users by providing free trails. Users might be unaware that their cards are still charged after the trial ends.

This update is a part of Apple’s regular policies to make its in-app payment more transparent. In January the Apple started to require app subscription to exhibit the entire expense to users before sign-up to start a crackdown against confusing in-app subscriptions.

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This feature may also be helpful for reducing scams for Touch ID Phones. Because an unintended touch of the home button may possibly induce a fingerprint scan to ensure a purchase.

There are too many Apps have already been deceiving subscribers into making an in-app purchase. Apple’s new Pop-Up screen will provide an additional layer of security/Protection against the negative techniques.

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