Apple’s iPhone all Future Models are Getting New Designs

As we all are waiting for new Apple‘s iPhone model and still months away and have to wait for the reveal of Apple’s iPhone 11 collection. Rumors happen to be circulating about Apple’s 2020 phones.

Apple’s iPhone’s all Future Models are Getting New DesignsOne of the most reliable analysts Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo, claims in his most recent analysis report that in 2020 Apple‘s phones will have all-new designs, the first since the 2017’s iPhone X renovate, through 9to5Mac.

Per Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo analysis, the future iPhone collection will include three significant changes: “all-new form factor design, 5G support, and camera function upgrades.” Some of the changes are known, like 5G support and Mr. Kuo had previously observed this year that Apple might be providing 5G to all main iPhone models the coming year, and some other changes like “camera function upgrades” is virtually specific for all future iPhone models.

New designs, styles will be vital changes because Apple has significantly slowed up the rate in past releases. The company has made a major redesign one year such as the “S” design but originally released its cell phones in a tick-tock routine. The iPhone 6 design survived for four years which appeared on the 6, 6S, 7, and 8. The iPhone X design seems to be following same patterns, but now iPhone 11 lineup is supposed to be announced this week with has different designs. Mr. Kuo analysis reports show that Apple will adjust the screen sizes for its two flagship OLED phones down to a 5.4-inch panel as compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone XS


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