Apple’s latest iPad Pro features Wi-Fi 6 chips before MacBooks

Both 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Models will be featured with Wi-Fi 6

Apple today unveiled a new iPad Pro, adding a range of much-needed improvements to the tablet, including next-generation Wi-Fi support, a technology not previously available on either MacBooks or iPads models.

Wi-Fi 6 appeared over a year ago, and routers that support the new Wi-Fi technology are starting to become more popular. Wi-Fi 6 chips are being built into smartphones and laptops, though. Not even the late last year’s 16-inch MacBook Pro or the new MacBook Air revealed this morning contains Wi-Fi 6 technology. The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are the only previous Apple devices to offer Wi-Fi 6.

Finally, we got Wi-Fi 6 for our increasing numbers of gadgets

Wi-Fi 6 is much more than a speed boost. It’s aimed at improving wireless networks when linking multiple devices. On average, there are about nine Wi-Fi-enabled devices in US households, which can take a considerable toll on your router. Wi-Fi 6 allows routers to maintain consistently reliable connections with a better multitask.

The new iPad Pros, starting at $799, is expected to launch on March 25. The updated tablets would also have a faster processor, a LIDAR camera and support for a new keyboard with an embedded trackpad, in addition to Wi-Fi 6 chips.

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