Apple’s Latest Safari Technology has officially drop Adobe Flash support

This year indicates the official end of an era: As announced in 2017, by the end of 2020, Adobe will stop supporting the once-ubiquitous Flash. For today’s latest release of its Safari Technology Preview browser, Apple has made significant strides as part of its efforts to end all Flash use in Safari.

Safari Software Preview is, in fact, Safari’s beta version. It is an experimental version of Safari that allows developers and other users to report bugs and enhancements in functionality before they release the updates to everyone.

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Found in the release notes for version 99 of Safari Technology Preview, released today, is the small but significant detail that the update removes Adobe Flash support. This means you can’t update or use Adobe Flash in Safari anymore. While this update instantly takes effect for users of Safari Technology Preview, it is unclear when it will roll out to the regular Safari build.

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This shouldn’t come as a hindrance to almost everyone. The whole way back in 2010, Apple started preinstalling Flash on the Mac. Up until now, if they wanted it, users had been able to download it on their own. However, Apple has begun disabling Adobe Flash in macOS Sierra by default with Safari 10.

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Adobe reported almost three years ago its preparations for the “end-of-life” flash by the end of 2020. At the time, Apple said it was working closely with Adobe to complete the transition to a Flash-free world, stressing that without Flash, Mac, iPhone, and iPad were already widely used:

“Apple users have been experiencing the web without Flash for some time. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch never supported Flash. For the Mac, the transition from Flash began in 2010 when Flash was no longer pre-installed. Today, if users install Flash, it remains off by default. Safari requires explicit approval on each website before running the Flash plugin.”

Now since 2020 is here, we are looking forward to Flash’s official death.

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