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Assisted Reality VS Virtual Reality, Definitions and Usage

The VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) was first invented in 1994

Assisted Reality is a technology that helps in different professional services. It presents a technology that allocates a person to view a screen in his urgent field. Mostly it is being used by the technicians. This technology is different from virtual reality.

In fact, it is the idea of adding information in projects and fields, and this is not fresh technology. This has been used in military services, for example, in military fighter jets. This technology is now approachable to the public too.

For example, if this technology is being used in a car, a driver can see the things through a windshield and keep an eye on the map’s routing of the map it means the driver can have an idea about the turn on the road. For this intention, a fixed superior projector is just used as an assisted reality device, and this can help a person a lot to know the different routes.
TherManyer devices, such as smart glasses and mobile devices, available lable to the public now a day.

The assisted reality is a sort of two-dimensional technology, and it consists of text, images, diagrams, and the sort of things.
The assisted reality is important for workers because the workers can analyze the diagram and images and lists. The video display using in head devices is small; that’s why 3D-graphics cannot display on these devices.

Virtual reality is a reality that we create, and this can totally differ from the real world. The virtual reality takes off the presence in the real world. This is a type of technology in which the user creates a separate world through software. This technology was invented in 1959. In computer language, the word virtual means things and circumstances appear by software.

This technology needs high delivering computer power. The popular vendor of such type tools is Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear.

The VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) was first invented in 1994.
Many VR displays are founded on technology urbanized for smartphones such as gyroscopes and motion sensors to track body language and head. Omnidirectional cameras, also recognizable as 360ᵒ cameras or VR cameras, have improved VR pictures and videos.

Qualcomm’s “Boundless XR” wireless VR headset that can connect to PCs

The VR software and hardware are being used for entertainment purposes, such as 3D Cinema, gaming, simulations, or for revelation in construction projects. This is also used in robotics to take control of robots and their presence.

• Music & Concert
• Water Slides
• Robotics
• Entertainment
• Cinema and videos
• Video Games etc.

It is also applicable for
• Sports
• Disquiet and worry issues
• In surgical treatment
• Attractions & Experiences

Popular Games:
• The Climb
• Elite Dangerous
• Space Pirate Trainer
• Far point
• Beat Saber
• Superhot VR
• Resident Evil 7.Biohazard
• robocall
• keep talking & NobodyExplodes etc.


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