Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device with 2.4 Inch High Definition Toch Screen [Upgraded]

The Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device takes both sides of your conversation and translates multiple languages easily without a significant delay. It can explain about 70 different international with a 98% accuracy rate. The Birgus Tow way language translator will not only translate, but it will also display it on the HD touch screen. It helps you to see, copy, and recall essential words and phrases.

Available on Amazon:- $329.99 $159.99

This Birgus language translation device does not require you to download an app because of if its screen, but it requires a Wi-Fi connection. It does not work with hotels and other public internet services that require the authorization of a secondary website. It will connect to hot spots on the internet, though.

Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device has a volume control button loud enough to hear in a crowd with the highest setting. The Birgus cancels a lot of background noise with a noise-reduction microphone, so it focuses only on those participating in your conversation. The life of the battery is also quite decent. Once fully charged, it has enough power to be converted on standby for eight hours of continuous use, or the last seven days before recharging.

MULTIPLE LANGUAGES TRANSLATOR: Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device can support 70 languages translation. It has a two-way translation, and the voice of the device is clear and loud, easy to meet your multilingual translation needs so that you can achieve transnational communication smoothly.

TOUCH SCREEN DESIGN: The language interpreter has a 2.4-inch color touch-screen, simple and elegant design, When it is audibly translated, it is also translated into text on the screen, which is very convenient for talking to each other, and allows excellent visual experience and smooth and sensitive operation.

SMART INSTANTLY TRANSLATOR: Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device needs to connect WIFI or hot spot, no need for SIM card, no need to download APP. You can use this smart translator to travel, learn new languages, go shopping, make foreign friends, practise pronunciation, and so on.

HIFI RECORDING SOUND QUALITY: The language translator with high-definition recording, self-supporting noise reduction microphone, and can certainly enter the language in a noisy environment. It always keeps voice clear, and it’s additionally convenient for duplicated listening, If the others don’t hear it clearly, you can play it again.


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