Boeleo W1 Al Touch Control Voice Translator With User Manual

The Boeleo W1 Al Touch Control Voice Translator increases communication efficiency worldwide. This AI, touch control device, provides users with an open contact opportunity. People often get involved in problems because they don’t always understand different languages, and communication is a significant problem.

Boeleo W1 Al Touch Voice translator solves all sorts of translation problems, helps people to understand and communicate in various languages freely. You no longer have to hire translators for corporate conferences or business meetings, use online translators when you travel abroad hold dictionaries with you.

Language Support

The Boeleo W1 Al Touch translator includes 45 different languages. The translator gives its user limitless communication opportunities so that you can chat with a lot of people and communicate without any difficulties.

Boeleo W1 Touch Control Voice Translator includes eight preinstalled system languages that are Chinese, German, Arabic, Arabic, English, Russian, and Japanese.  Users can switch between different languages very quickly using a touchscreen.


The network speed is 150 Mbps / 50 Mbps. The Boeleo W1 Al Touch Control Voice Translator device can also switch between different network channels.  The translator contains four network features.

  • WIFI,
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • 4G
  • SIM Card Data Network

For communication, a handy hotspot feature is also available that allows us to connects 5 module devices. The Boeleo W1 Al Touch translator covers the worldwide 4G network.

Camera Translation

The Boeleo W1 Al Touch translator has a handy feature, especially when traveling abroad. The 13MP camera allows you to take photos of parking instructions and signboards, manus, and translate them immediately. You may also need text translation in each situation to continue your work. A quick picture and a direct translation of the content is a great feature that will always help you.

Recording translation

The recording translation feature integrates two choices in one. Sometimes you may not be able to listen and type words in a translator simultaneously. You can easily record the speech and translate it into your preferred language using the recorder option during a meeting. The Boeleo W1 Translator allows continuous recording for 60 minutes. The Recording storage space is about 8GB, which is enough to keep the records.

Mutual conversion translation

You can create a multi-person speaking chat with 500 people in different languages and communicate successfully across countries. Typically, it is not always easy to find translators for all group members’ at large conferences or business meetings when partners are from all over the world, and it is also not easily affordable. In this type of situation, Boeleo W1 Al Touch will also help

There is not often a facility or staff to translate the speech of the lecturer for you. With the Boeleo W1 Translator with you, this kind of situation will help you out.


Boeleo W1 translator is equipped with a long standby Sony 2080mAh battery. The battery remains in standby for up to 150 hours. You can use the product for 400 minutes with confidence without thinking about its battery life.

Boeleo W1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator’s Key Specifications

  • Brand: Boeleo
  • Color: Silver / Grey / Blue (Optional)
  • Material: Metal+Plastic
  • Product Size: 12.9 * 5.8 * 1.26cm / 5.08 * 2.28 * 0.50in
  • Product Weight: 120 g
  • Package Size: 18 * 9.6 * 3.6cm / 7.09 * 3.78 * 1.42in
  • Package Weight: 275g
  • CPU: MTK6739W Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 MPCore 1.28GHz
  • GPU: IMG 8XE 1PPC 420MHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP with Flashlight
  • Screen Size: 2.8 Inch
  • Resolution: 320*240
  • Panel Technology: G+F
  • Sensor Technology: Single Point + Gesture
  • Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8/B20
  • MiFi: Support
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4G/5G
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • System: Android 7.0
  • System Support Languages: English/Spanish/German/French/Russian/Arabic/Japanese/Chinese
  • Charge Interface: TYPE-C 2.0 Support Quick Charge
  • Battery: 3.8V Lithium Polymer 2080mAh (Fixed)


Boeleo W1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator is a modern and amazing device. The translator’s features and functions are useful in different situations and can support users in their work from different fields.  This interpreter can be used not only in international conferences or meetings but in daily routine as well. For example, it can translate phrases, road marks, and shopping advertisements as well. Because of its various functions and features, Boeleo W1 Al Touch Voice Translator is useful for both businessmen and students.

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