Brave Web Browser -Secure, Faster, Ads Blocker & Money Saver

The brave web browser is a 100 % free and open-source internet browser which was developed by “Brave Software, Inc”.


it is actually an open-source based on the Chromium web browser. The browser has the ability to block website trackers and unwanted ads. The company has also offered a pay-to-surf business model in a future release of the browser.

As of 2019, Brave web browser could be installed and supports macOS, Microsoft Windows, all flavors of Linux(Debian and RedHat), Android, and iOS. The recent version includes five search engines by default, including their partner DuckDuckGo.

Main Features of Brave browser

Browse Faster

The brave browser loads heavy websites 2 to 8 times faster than Safari/Chrome on mobile and 2 times faster than Google Chrome browser on the desktop.

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Helps to save money

typically a mobile user pays as much as $23 for data charger in a month to download trackers and ads. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you do not have to pay for them while surfing with Brave Browser.

Blocks Advertisements and trackers

Brave web browser blocks unnecessary content material automatically and keeps count well-knows websites which frequently host multiple advertisements and more than 70 trackers per website. while, most papular and leading ad blockers still enables “trackers” through to profile your behavior, location, and also other browsing hidden activities.

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Privacy Protector

Brave web browser always blocks the software that follows the user activities around The “private” browsing mode while the other browser offer is not truly private. Brave provides many privacy features, like “Private Tabs with Tor*,” stop trackers and provide a deep level of protection.

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