CES 2020 unveils first Intel ‘Xe’ DG1 GPU discrete graphics card for developers

Intel has unveiled its first unique graphics card, but you will not be able to buy it. This unit is for developers only, and the seed will be planted throughout the industry to give software makers an idea of ​​how to improve their work for Intel’s new Xi graphics architecture. The graphic card is an implementation of the DG1 GPU, which will be Intel’s first discrete GPU to launch this year. The move shows that Intel is very close to releasing graphics products, though we do not yet know what form they will take. Intel emphasized that no conclusions should be drawn from the card’s appearance or performance level, and it is not necessarily the same as any retail product in the future.

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Intel is on a year-long journey to entirely revamp its graphics capabilities. The nutritional architecture will be integrated into integrated GPUs, starting with the 10nm Tiger Lake generation Intel CPUs, which are set to launch later this year. Intel has also promised to launch several GPUs and will target every level, from ultra-mobile devices to gaming, workstations, data center servers, and high-performance acceleration.

The company is not ready to disclose timelines, specifications, performance targets, or any other concrete details, but the release of the Developer Kit should create confidence in the industry. Intel showed the device running the gameplay demo on CES, but would not comment on whether it represents the performance of the final shipping product. Intel also had laptops working with DG1 Discrete GPUs at the show, but they were only shown under glasses, and they were not offering demos.

Intel has said that the DG1 will be suitable for power efficiency but will be able to support the burden of gaming and content creation. Its dual-slot more cooling development kit certainly won’t be as thermally compelling as a GPU, as it runs in a thin and lightweight laptop chassis. Software and driver support are still not finalized.

The DG1 GPU Kit has a metal shroud that features quite a wide variety of designs and RGB LEDs, but the company will not comment on what the final shipping product will look like. It has three display ports and an HDMI port, like many users’ graphics cards. In particular, it does not have a PCI power connector, which indicates that the PCI slots are within 75W.

Intel began promoting its work on a fully redesigned graphics product stack in 2017 and hired several top-level executives and engineers from the industry, including Raja Kodori, AMD’s chief of graphics. ۔ The company has been drawing the attention of fans and fans through its Odyssey series events and social media engagements.

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