Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard “MK850”

Cooler Master has introduced the new Gaming Keyboard” MK850. This automated Gaming Keyboard has the high configurable pressure-sensitive keys which allow the user to emulate an analogue input of console styles with game controller trigger buttons similarity sticks.

Using the Cooler’s MK850, gamers have all the comfort of a desktop keyboard and sensitivity and the accuracy of a controller.  As compared to a standard keyboard, the “MK850’s” Keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D) are equipped with high-performance infrared sensors. The MK850 has five building profiles designs so the user can switch between a standard keyboard and other building styles.

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Cooler Master using the infrared technology which is developed by “Aimpad”.  The Games can use slight ginger switches and adjust the pressure to their key to set different intensities of input. For example, Gamer can simply move around in a first-person shooter or can control a car’s braking and acceleration.

According to the Cooler Master’s FAQs, the Gamer can easily calibrate the analogue keys each time according to their needs, but “Feature Turning” on the process could cause a little delay. Besides this, the Keyboard also may need to be reconnected to enable “feature Turn on”.

Apart from its signature feature, the Cooler Master MK850 uses Cherry MX Red keys which are a common choice for mechanical gaming keyboards. There is also an amplified wrist rest that can be attached magnetically. Two accuracy wheels within reach above the F1-F4 keys allows the user to adjust the volume, DPI sensitivity, or lighting pattern. The MK850 has a detachable USB Type-C cable, and the Keyboard is constructed using aluminium. And of course, there’s also programmable per-key RGB LED backlighting.

The Cooler Master MK850 is available in the USA with Price of $200,

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