ES File Explorer Removed From Google Play Store [DO Scandal]

ES Explorer

This week, BuzzFeed News reported “how apps on Google Play Store from Chinese firm DO Global regularly committed click fraud automatically clicking ads on the behalf on active users. Google removed those apps whose do this fraud and suspend the account of DO Global, and sad news for ES File Manager that this is also the part of the crackdown.

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As we all know ES file Manager got popularity over the past few years. As this app own by DU Global which is a subdivision of DO Global and Do Global is involved in a click fraud scandal.

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The reason why the application is removed from the Google Play Store is that they violate the policies of Google Play Store. The account of ES Global has been suspended. This is not the first time ES File Explorer involves in controversy. But over the past few years, this application has Charging boot adware which is removed later by an update and they released the Pro version along with that to remove bloatware.


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