Facebook has stoped Huawei from pre-installation of their apps

In the midst of an ongoing trade war between China and the United States of America, new news has emerged that Facebook has stooped to allow the pre-installation of their app of Huawei phones. This firm has become the latest company to respond to Washington’s blacklisting of the Chinese tech firm.

Facebook has stooped Huawei the pre-installation of their apps on its Smartphones

The company made a statement that it has decided to suspend the provision of software to Huawei which allowed its devices to be pre-installed with Facebook and other apps including WhatsApp and Instagram.

The company further notified that people who already own Huawei phones will not be affected by this decision and they can continue to use and update the apps, Facebook and WhatsApp without any inconvenience.

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This move by social media company is another big blow for Huawei, which is already targeted of a US-led campaign to block its 5g equipment and trying their best to cut it off from American software and components. Huawei chose not to comment on this report immediately.

Google has also been asked, more appropriately forced, to pull back on giving its software to Huawei because of the ban, which implies Huawei could lose apps like Gmail and Google maps.

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