Facebook is launching ‘manage activity’ feature to bulk-delete your old posts

Facebook is launching a brand-new feature known as Manage Activity that will allow users to delete their old posts. It can be utilized to bulk-delete person’s posts, and Facebook says it is going to be offering filtering choices to assist in finding posts with explicit other folks in them or in a definite time vary. The feature will come to Facebook’s smartphone apps first.

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According to Facebook, the feature is intended to “make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to reflect more accurately who you are today.” As an example, it recommends that somebody may want to delete old content when they are about to start working full-time after college or remove posts that remind them of an old relation.

There are a few different options for deleting a post from the timeline. This can be submitted to the trash, where it will be automatically removed from public access but then completely deleted 30 days later. (Posts can be removed manually sooner.) Instead, a post can be archived, meaning it is no longer available but still privately viewable.

You can now make Facebook’s 3D photos using single-camera mobile phones.

Twitter is also another social platform where you can want your old posts removed. The company, however, has yet to provide an official bulk-delete tool, which claimed to be a problem when old tweets were dug up in an attempt to delegitimize or otherwise cause people trouble. Many third-party tweet deletion services have jumped up in the absence of an official tool on Twitter.

Manage Activity is the latest effort by Facebook to provide users with greater control over their content. Last year it officially launched its Clear History feature, which allows users to remove data from their Facebook account from using web browsing. Clear History does not delete this data despite its name; however, it merely removes the connection between your content and Facebook account.

Facebook is adding a “Quiet Mode” that stops push notifications on mobile.

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