Facebook just restricted Chinese telecom giant Huawei to pre-installing its apps on upcoming smartphones

After US President Donald Trump’s trade ban against the Chinese telecom giant, Facebook will not allow Huawei to pre-install its apps on the smartphone.

Facebook just restricted Chinese telecom giant Huawei to free pre-installing its apps on upcoming smartphones

but Huawei smartphone users will be able to install and use apps like Facebook Main app, Instagram and WhatsApp., and also they will continue to get play store updates. A little difference, Huawei simply will not have the permission to include these apps out of the box, which usually it does along with other sorts of pre-loaded apps like Twitter.

Facebook is dealing in a different way with this US trade ban than Google. Google has established a temporary license and sending security updates to existing Huawei smartphones. upcoming Huawei phones or currently in stores will still include the pre-installed Google apps. Facebook, Reuters says, is denying pre-installs on “any phone which has not yet left the factory.”

These changes by Facebook will not hugely effect and nothing to be worried for Huawei or Huawei existing users as other preceding preferences from ARM and Google.

which correspondingly limit the capability to use Android core services and developing its own chips. But Facebook is doing something else and moving closes an additional probable opportunity for the Chinese telecom giant to provide important third-party apps to customers, the option that it will have to go it alone having its own app store


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