Logitech announces the Folio Touch, 11-inch iPad Pro keyboard case

Logitech has revealed the Folio Touch, the latest 11-inch for iPad Pro model keyboard case (both the 2018 and 2020 versions). It is a more affordable solution to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, and for earlier iPad versions it is close to the “Logitech Combo Touch”.

The case offers a foldable keyboard with a full line of iPadOS shortcut keys that are notably missing from the Magic Keyboard. The keys are backlit, and they change their luminosity based on ambient light. The Folio also contains a touchpad that supports multi-finger gestures such as pinch, double-tap, swipe and clicks.

The adjustable kickstand, up to 40 degrees spinning, and you can flip the keyboard behind the iPad pro’s back (one which you are not able to do with the Magic Keyboard). Due to the angle of the iPad and the location of the keyboard, you can use a connected iPad in four modes: display, typing, read and sketch.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio Touch (for 12.9-inch iPad Pro – 4th Generation)

The Folio Touch attaches to the iPad Pro through the Smart Connector from Apple, which is integrated into the tablet side. Which means the two nodes will immediately pair up (without Bluetooth) and you don’t need to charge the Folio manually — it receives power from the iPad.

The Folio Touch will be available in the market sometime for $160 in July 2020. You can buy it from Apple and Logitech.

Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard “MK850”

Folio Touch Dimensions and Technical Specifications

  • Height: 10.08 in (256 mm)
  • Width: 7.56 in (192 mm)
  • Depth: 0.83 in (21 mm)
  • Weight: 22.79 oz (646 g)

Compatible with

  • iPad Pro 11-inch: 2nd generation
  • iPad Pro 11-inch: 1st generation
  • iPadOS: 13.4 or later
  • Modes: Type: View, Sketch, Read
  • Keyboard Type: Attached keyboard
  • Backlit Keys: Yes
  • Viewing Angles: 20-60
  • Power and Connectivity: Powered by iPad via the Smart Connector


  • Space to store Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
  • Front and back protection
  • Access all ports – Camera / Lightning
  • Keyboard
  • 16 levels of adjustable backlighting
  • A full row of iPadOS shortcut keys
  • 18mm key pitch
  • 1mm key travel
  • The row of iPadOS Shortcut Keys (Left to Right)
  • Home
  • Screen brightness down
  • Screen brightness up

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