Fujifilm sets new mirrorless speed record with new X-series F/1.0 lens

Fujifilm has introduced a new 50 mm X-series lens with an f/1.0 aperture that has never been seen before. According to Fujifilm, the XF 50mmF1.0 R WR is the first f/1 autofocus lens for mirrorless cameras worldwide and marks the company’s 35th X-series lens. His field of view on Fujifilm’s APS-C sensors is about 75mm-equivalent.

The existing fastest lens for Fujifilm was the 56 mm f/1.2, which is the aperture that companies such as Canon and Nikon also prefer to top up when developing autofocus lenses. Although Canon did at one point make a 50 mm f/1.0 autofocus for its DSLRs, it was retired decades ago. Before, Leica and Nikon made f/0.95 lenses, but they only served with manual focus. Large aperture settings help the user to get shallower picture depth and shoot on at lower ISO settings or faster shutter speeds.

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Long in production, this is not something that will be a practical tool for most photographers, but rather a statement lens for Fujifilm. The shorter focal length will at least partially compensate the disparity in field depth between this and the 56 mm f/1.2, and the 50 mm at 845 g, or about 1.9lbs, is much bigger and stronger. However, it does offer weather sealing.

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