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Galaxy Fold the most waited phone from Samsung. Everyone knows about this with the name of Galaxy X but the official name of this device is Galaxy Fold. As we know this phone gives a lot of things that other phones cannot do it. Well in this article I will talk a bit about this device and I will give you the details about the price of Galaxy Fold.

As Samsung just announced the Galaxy Fold, So you should have to know about a few things about this foldable phone.

Talking about the cameras this device got the 3 cameras on the back and 2 on the front. Which sum up with 5 cameras on this device.

About the display Galaxy Fold when folded it got the 4.6-inch display and when it gets to unfold the device got the 7.3-inch display which makes this device a tablet.


Galaxy fold will be very expensive when it comes to the market. Galaxy Fold with a normal 4G variant price up to $1,980. Which makes this device really expensive. Well, some of you guys don’t know that the Galaxy Fold will feature a 5G technology and with that, it will be over $2000 which makes this device is one of the most expensive smartphone ever by Samsung. This 5G technology is not in the normal variant, it comes up with somehow the other a special edition of Galaxy Fold which supports 5G technology.

When we conclude all this we see that this device is pretty much expensive then we buy a new Galaxy S10 Plus along with the tablet from Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and still we save a lot of money. I mean a lot…

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