Garmin Launched its Popular Solar Editions Smartwatches

Although smartwatches are becoming dominant day by day, very few are efficient. Usually, we need to charge smartwatches every other day while there are a couple that can go a little longer than that. Garmin, a sports watchmaker, bets on solar energy to help boost the battery life on its smartwatches. The company today launched upgrades to some of its lineup ‘s popular smartwatches to bring solar charging technology, trying to extend the battery life of those smartwatches. This technology lets these new watches when on your wrist, to gain battery life.

In its Fenix range, Garmin introduced the Fenix 6 Pro Solar and Fenix 6S Pro Solar. These new watches have a solar charging lens from Garmin Power Glass over their dials that helps them gain some battery life when they are outdoors, the company says in the release. The Fenix 6S smartwatch provides about nine days of indoor battery life, but with “good solar exposure” the battery life gets up to 10 and a half days of battery life. The Fenix 6 Pro Solar has an indoor battery life of 14 days that is bumped with “sufficient solar exposure” for up to 16 days. Last year the Fenix 6 series launched in November.


All these watches get new features as well. Such as indoor climbing, Mountain biking and track surfing. The solar editions of the Fenix 6 series also include Enhanced Sleep Monitoring which offers a detailed breakdown of the light, deep, and REM sleep stages of a user along with breathing tracking during sleep. The Fenix 6 series also has an acclimatization Widget that monitors current elevation together with pulse oxygenation and can tell that how you are breathing at present altitude.

Garmin has also introduced such versions as Instinct Solar, Instinct Solar Surf Edition and Instinct Solar Tactical Edition to the Instinct series. The Instinct Solar has a 24-day battery life in smartwatch mode that is bumped with “good solar exposure” for up to more than 50 days. The Instinct Solar-Surf Version contains advanced surfing features such as tide data and essential surfing experience. The Instinct Solar Tactical Version comes with unique features such as Google Night Vision compatibility and Stealth mode.


Tactix Delta Solar Version is the latest product released. This watch is made to military specifications and is accredited as MIL-STD 810. Indoors the Tactix Delta Solar Edition has a battery life of 21 days which supports outdoors for up to 24 days. The Tactix Delta Solar Edition has a stealth mode that disables location sharing and wireless connectivity and has a kill switch that wipes all memory of users.

The Garmin Instinct Solar series priced at $400, the Garmin Fenix 6 solar models priced at $850 and the Tactix Delta Solar Edition priced at $1,100.



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