Getting Clean Energy Will be Easy With S-Park

The idea of S-Park is proposed by Amsterdam’s citizens in a competition named “Clean Energy Challange”. It is a cycle rack that transforms energy stored in the cycle due to paddling. A lot of energy is produced while cycling. The idea behind this cycling rack is bringing that energy back home.

Getting Clean Energy Will be Easy With S-Park

Everyone in the city will be given a unique front wheel, that contains a battery to store energy due to paddling and applying breaks. At night, when everyone comes back home and park their cycles in S-Park, the stored energy will transform into electricity. The energy obtained from cycling is enough to power the house appliances.

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The design of this idea is proposed by Guillaume Roukhomovsky and Blaž Verhnjak. They are hopeful to apply practically the idea of S-Park until 2025. This is a great step towards a clean environment and it is a great initiative.

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