Google will Bring Dark Theme Scheduling, Car crash Detection and New AR Duo Filters, With Pixel Update in March

Google is now rolling out its Pixel phones monthly update for March, and this time around, alongside the security patch, the update will also bring several new features. The latest update will bring a unique car crash (accident) warning feature and a revolutionary movement-sensitive pause and resume feature that allows users to monitor music without touching their phones. It also will include new AR filters in the Duo app, and a Dark Theme scheduling feature that enables users to set a timer to disable the dark theme.

March update for the Pixel phones includes the ability to pause with Motion Sense and restart the music. This is an addition of ‘skip forward or go back to a previous song ‘ options, which are already available.

Both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL phones will get this feature out. In addition, the update will add a new car crash alert feature that uses phone sensors to determine if you’ve been in a car accident, and call your emergency service, even if you are not able to do that. It will also share relevant information with emergency services, such as the location details. This feature is reaching out to Australian and UK users of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

New AR filters are introduced to the Duo app, enabling users to superimpose cartoon characters or animated flowers over their faces. The results of these AR filters will adjust according to your gestures and how you move around the screen. All Duo app users will receive this feature through an update.

There will also be an emoji 12.1 update, adding 169 new emojis to include gender and skin tone variance. The power button will provide an additional feature, and you will now swipe through all of your debit and credit cards, boarding passes and event tickets, on the screen for a long time.

This information will come from Google Play and will be available to all users in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland Italy, Singapore, and Taiwan with this new app. The company said this feature will slowly hit all countries during March and will be available on the phones Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4.

The update brings a new Dark Theme scheduling feature that allows you to turn from light to dark background as soon as the sunsets. Live Captions were added to the Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL and portrait mode enhancements were introduced for the Pixel 4 series. The new app can disable rules for your Wi-Fi network in Settings. For example, when you link to your office Wi-Fi, you can now set up a rule to automatically silence your ringtone, or go on “Do Not Disturb” when you walk into your home. The update also will provide an enhanced adaptive brightness feature for users of the Pixel 4 series.

Google stated that as soon as you update to the March patch, not all features will be available. Some of these enhancements will be server-side allowed, while some device-specific updates will arrive via app updates.

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