Google Duo Will Soon Authorize Up to 32 Members for Group Video Calls

Group video calling with Google Duo started in April 2019 with up to 4 participants

Google Duo will soon upsurge the number of allowed participants over a group video call, Google confirmed to a website. The report cites the company to say that Duo would allow up to 32 attendees to enter a group call early. The production comes at a time when people around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic-owned video-chat software heavily. New AR effects that suit the user’s facial expressions are another new functionality that is now awaited. With the many recent changes, rivals like Zoom and Facebook will get intense competition from Google.

Google has confirmed to the website that Google Duo will soon be supporting group calls of up to 32 users, according to the Android Police report. Currently, the platform allows up to 12 participants during a community video call that was increased back in March from eight participants. To note, the community video calling on Google Duo began back in April 2019 with up to 4 participants.

Although Google had previously confirmed that Google Duo would soon raise the limits for the participants, how much was unknown. A promotional email has also reportedly reiterated the 32-participant assertion.

Google also promises new AR effects in Duo calls in the promotional email (via the report), which will adjust based on the user’s facial expressions. Duo also supports AR effects, but the user ‘s speech does not alter.

It’s unclear at the moment when the latest features are being rolled out on Google Duo. It’s fair to say, however, that the latest updates will arrive soon as Google has already begun sending promotional emails about them. More data have also been reached on Google through Gadgets 360.

In the meantime, Google recently revealed that users of the Duo would soon be able to make group calls via the platform ‘s web edition. Google had said the latest update would be rolled out in the weeks to come, and a preview of the update will be released on the Chrome Web browser first. Google is also introducing a Family mode to the app. During video calls, the new mode allows users to doodle and try out fun features and masks.

With the latest updates, Google is hoping to send fierce competitions during the coronavirus pandemic to competitors like Zoom and Facebook

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