Google has Tops more than “15 million subscribers” including both Google Play Music and YouTube Music. According to the Bloomberg reports, promotional and free trials are included in that total.  YouTube Music costs $9.99/month for a subscription, and with a “six-person” family plan costing $14.99.

Google have reportedly crossed 15 Million Music Subscribers as It Chases Spotify
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The UK Government will now accept Google Pay and Apple for some services

Spotify (biggest competitor) has recently exceeded “100” million paid customers throughout the world. While Apple has also more than 50 million Paying Subscribers. In the US, especially, Apple Music is claimed to have crossed the Spotify in subscriber total count. Although Google has a small total as compared to Spotify and Apple, and is well behind both of these big competitors, however, Google still ensures that the company is managing to put up a fight.


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