Google Home and Home Mini Got Stereo Pairing Features

Google Home is one of the most favorite and popular smart speakers available today, however, it has was missing a feature that lots of users observed as basic and essential. Google is now rolling out a feature that allows a stereo combination for the Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers. Now users will be able to connect two speakers together in a stereo set up. This will make sure that two-channel audio is effectively shared between the two speakers. So Users can now enjoy a true multi-channel audio with two Google Home (smart speaker) stereo setup.

Google Home and Home Mini stereo

The feature is also designed for some other Google Assistant smart speakers but is currently rolling out only for the Google Home and Home Mini, the two most popular Google Assistant smart speakers. Users can easily Pair two speakers over the Google Home app, where users can select which of the two speakers use as the left and right channels.

Once the selection is done, both speakers will be recognized as a single speaker in the Google Home app. Android Police reported that “This includes volume, pairing, and other settings”.

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Music and volume control works on both speakers together. Even though a user manually boosts the volume on one, the other follows the match. These settings are linked in the Home app, therefore setting up night mode or joining the preview program is definitely an all-or-nothing affair. Users can, however, restart them individually, and change the sound balance between right and left channel.

Users are able to use the options in the Google Home app to adjust bass, treble, and balance as well between the two speakers. And off course, there is another option to add the duo of speakers with other setups, or simply separate the pair and use as two separate mono speakers.

When stereo (pair) set up is applied, only the left channel will accept the voice commands, while the right channel has voice controls disabled. Generally, two speakers setup is designed to fulfill multi-room audio requirements, but this new feature provides an extra way to enjoy two speakers.

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