Top Google Home and Google Assistant Home Devices

Google can do lots of things which can change our daily life. Google Home and Google Assistant Home can turn off lights, can adjust the thermostat, can show the weather, can lock the door, and much more with a simple voice command.

The Search engine giant launched a voice-enabled digital helper and the initial Google Home smart speaker back in 2016. It was able to work with only four smart-home brands. But now, it can work with more than 1,000 brands.

Because of all these solutions, building a smart home with the help of Google Assistant is practical. Products such as “Smart display” and “Smart speakers” with some apps’ help will give you a control point without having to access your mobile device.

Choosing between Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa and Google Assistant depends upon your preferences and personal needs. If you love and prefer Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa app for your smart home, check back tomorrow for that list of products. Although Apple’s “Smart home kit” platform is not very strong so far as the range of products, if you prefer your iPhone and its built-in assistant Siri, take a look at the most popular Apple HomeKit devices.

If Google-powered smart home is your choice, listed below are the best Google’s home and Google Assistant products from several different categories in smart home products.

Google Nest Hub: Best Smart Display

Google Nest Hub - best smart display, smart home

The Google Nest Hub (earlier known as the Home Hub) is a great choice to take off a Google-centric smart home. Nest Hub uses Google Assistant to respond to some voice commands just like Google Home smart speaker. The touchscreen display will highlight even more information if you search for restaurants, ask about the weather, watch videos, and scan your family pictures.

Google Home and Home Mini Got Stereo Pairing Features

Nest Hub’s distinctive adaptive brightness features make it a high digital photo frame. It can adapt to both color temperature and light levels; therefore, it seems like a physical photo in a frame. You can also play a slideshow of your family pics as a screensaver.

Google’s Nest Hub is also a fantastic kitchen helper, as it can talk through your cooking recipes step-by-step as well as multitask, such as Play Music, Set a timer, play music, add an ingredient to your grocery list, and much more.  The Nest Hub can even keep putting in place the recipes when you need to check it next. You can configure it on your Wi-Fi network by using the Google Home app and ask Google any questions you need.

Google nest’s voice-control functionality makes it useful in numerous ways, but an easy user interface makes it the right choice for the central connected home device. You are swiping down from the top for shortcuts allowing you to check on smart home security cameras or switch off the lights. You can touch to get a room-by-room overview of all of your devices. The control panel is easy to use, helpful, and well organized, especially if your family members find it difficult to remember which voice commands work.

The Nest Hub regularly on sale for even less than its reasonable $130 price. it is useful also though if you do not have lots of smart home devices, but it’s essential if you prefer a smart home that works with Google Assistant

Google Home Mini: Best Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini (Smart Speaker), smart home

If the existence of an extra screen in your home is irritating you, Google has another suitable smart home device for you, the Google Home Mini. Google offered a small smart speaker. The same Google’s Assistant-enabled voice commands. You can control compatible devices, play music, search the web, and much more just by asking. The audio quality of the Google Mini’s smart speaker is impressive.

The Google Mini comes in different colors and is a cute device with just $50 pricing. The most affordable way to put off your smart home without facing any problems in voice control. The intelligent Mini Google speaker also could be used as a secondary gadget. Just for example, if you place a Google Nest Hub in a room, you can place a Mini smart speaker in other rooms. So, both devices will be able to control all compatible smart gadgets you set up. Even though they both hear your command, the closest device will respond.

Nest Hello: Best Video Doorbell for Google Home

Google Nest Hello video doorbell

We have another one of the best products from Nest, the Nest Hello video doorbell. The Nest Hello video doorbell has two-way audio and superb video quality when you want to confirm who is on the other side, and you will receive an alarm once somebody rings the bell.

Even more, if you have set up the Nest Hub, you can speak with the person on the other side with your smart display. The Nest Hello video doorbell is also featured with facial recognition for a premium subscription.

Nest IQ: Best Smart Cam (Indoor) for Google Home

Google Nest Smart Cam IQ (Indoor)

Nest’s product, the “Nest Cam IQ,” is a perfect choice that makes the most sense here. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a beautiful security camera in its own right.  Thanks to its built-in facial recognition feature, you can check live-stream remotely or can get motion sensor alerts for free by Signing up for Nest’s premium service “Nest Aware.”

By using the Nest Cam IQ’s built-in microphone feature, you can talk directly to Google Assistant, which makes it an ideal choice to secure your home and improve your connection with Google.

Top 6 DIY Smart Home Security Systems of 2019

C by GE Bulbs: Best smart light for Google Home

C by GE Bulbs: Best smart light- Google

Once you arranged a Google device control point with a Google mini smart speaker or “smart display,” now you have to determine what kind of “smart devices” need. C by GE Bulbs (smart light) can be the right choice for you, which works perfectly with Google.

These inexpensive ($25) Bluetooth powered smart bulbs can use Google Home device with both the Nest Hub and Home Mini smart speaker as a bridge. You can set up the “smart lights” from your Google Home app and control all of them from anywhere as long as the light is close to the Google device. Because the smart light will be directly connected with your Google devices, the response time is rapid.

Ecobee3 Lite: Best Smart Thermostat for Google Home

Ecobee3 Lite: smart thermostat

If you want to change your thermostat’s temperature with a voice command, a list of smart devices is ready for you. Many smart thermostats can work with the Google Assistant.  But Google’s Nest, the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, is the best decision, but I’ll suggest the Ecobee3 Lite.

Ecobee’s ($170) device and its partner app both for Android and iOS offer a similar quality compared to more expensive opponents, including the Nest model ($250). It works with all of the same voice commands, and the user-friendly controls make it easy to use

TP-Link Kasa: Best Smart Wi-Fi Plug for Google Home

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

A smart Wi-Fi plug is an excellent and straightforward way to add and control old-fashioned devices (that you don’t always use) like a fan, lamp, or other dumb devices.  A smart Wi-Fi plug enables you to control it with an app.

The TP-Link’s Kasa Smart Plug (best choice) provides Google Assistant compatibility with smart app controls. TP-Link’s Kasa smart plug having an attractive design and style and won’t block other adjacent outlets.

TP-Link’s Kasa works with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection, just like most smart plugs. It will not monitor energy consumed but also controls an old-fashioned device such as or table lamp with your voice command for a reasonable price ($23).

SimpliSafe: Best DIY Home Security

SimpliSafe DIY Home Security Solutions -

SimpliSafe has a wide range of accessories and a big competitor of Professional options like ADT and Vivint. The starter kit system costs just $230.  Additionally, you have to pay $25 for remote app access and professional monitoring

With have a monthly subscription of $25, you will be able to control your system with Google Assistant; Simplisafe’s gadgets react very fast to your voice commands. But you can do much more without a monthly subscription. You can add even more devices such as smart locks, outdoor cameras, and more. It’s an excellent DIY home security system if you wish to begin.

August Smart Lock Pro: Best Smart Lock

August Smart Lock Pro plus Connect Bundle

You can lock down your home just with a single voice command. August Smart Lock Pro is very easy-to-install and can replace your existing deadbolt lock. The Connect module allows you to control and lock down your home with your voice command, with the help of Google Assistant.

August Smart Lock Pro is responsive and reliable and offers lots of features, such as open-close sensors, to help you check to ensure you pulled the door shut on your way out if you wish to put Google Assistant in charge of your smart lock, the Smart Lock Pro the right choice.


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