Google Home Mini Smart speakers – Something important that you need to know

Just Like other Google Home devices, Google home mini smart speakers are voice control assistant that can handle your smartphone’s functions by using only your voice. It is very beneficial and does everything in smaller package i.e. one can set timers, alarms, play music, listen to the news or information from the web and control smart home devices like hue lights start TV show by these speakers, just using your voice and you can treat it as Bluetooth speakers.

Google smart speaker

Besides this, it also helps to find your lost phone when you say hey Google finds my phone then it can ring your mobile and this feature can work on Android and iPhones. You can ask this home mini to tell you a story.

It can switch back and forth between different languages or respond to different but limited languages that you are speaking English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese but with the passage of time, it will add more languages as Google says.

Its voice recognition power does not affect its size and price reduction. If you are speaking or shouting across the room or twenty feet away these speakers give great results in that case as well.

If we talk about the size of smart speakers these are much shorter and have a 4-inch diameter, curved sides and soft shape like the size of a donut. It is available in three different colors of light gray, coral red and dark gray and has covered the top of textured fabrics. It’s four multi-colored lights that are fixed in the fabric help you to identify when the home mini is listening, processing and muted.

How to use Google home mini :

You can use these speakers by plugging in the power cable into your Google Home device and power adapter into wall nozzle and finally after downloading the Google Home app on your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet, etc., you can start talking with smart speakers. You can connect theses speakers to your TV as well.

How to get Google smart speakers for free or at a low price?

  • You can get these speakers for free by going to Reeve Foundation’s application page, click the button of Google home mini at that page, after that click on “I am eligible” option and lastly fill out your form and submit it to Google home mini
  • You can get these speakers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well with great discounts.

Google Home Mini Tech Specs

  • Dimensions & Weight. 3.86 in dia • 1.65 in H. Diameter: 3.86 in (98 mm) …
  • Colors & Materials. Chalk • Charcoal • Coral • Aqua. Colors. …
  • Supported Audio Formats. HE-AAC • LC-AAC. …
  • Wireless. Wi-Fi • Bluetooth® support. …
  • Sensors. Capacitive touch. …
  • Speaker. 360 sound with a 40mm driver. …
  • Mics. 2 mic array. …
  • Power. 5V, 1.8A.

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