Google is reportedly arguing that cutting off Huawei from Android threatens US security

Huawei is preparing for world's first ever 5G Television 8K Resolution in 2019 , by-by smartphones!

The new report provided by the Financial Times, Google tries to make Trump administration that it needs to provide technology to Huawei phones in the name of US security. According to the financial time’s source, the main point of that argument is that Huawei would be forced to fork Android into “hybrid” version which would be more “at risk” of being hacked, not least by China.

All companies including Google have been banned from having a business with Huawei phones. That means that Google would not be able to provide its services to Huawei phones. But the company secured a temporary license to continue to supply the software updates to the existing phones.

Because of Huawei phones are already banned in the US, how Google is making that case that a forked version of Android being sold anywhere else in the world will make a serious threat to US national security.

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On this point, Google makes a valid point that if Android provided by Google does not operate on all the Android devices, without having the Google play store and most important Google play protect which detect the malware, viruses, and security threats.

Said, by Google that forked version of Android being sold globally which is less secure and maybe get hacked. And having that version if you send message to that phone it may be get hacked because of malware on the version or viruses.

On this point, Huawei already starts working on their new Operating System. But it’s not yet clear that Huawei uses Android or something else for their new Operating System.


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