Google is rolling out new feature which will delete user’s personal data automatically

Google always maintains web usage records, user locations tracking and other activities performed by any Android Smartphone user. The main reason behind this record-keeping and location history, the company is able to recommend using a nearby place like restaurants, malls, and picnic points. This is only could be done by allowing Google to access personal data, apps like Google Maps, etc.

Google is rolling out new feature which will delete user personal data automaticallySome users may not be feeling comfortable with sharing their personal information with Google. So, therefore, Google has now introduced a new feature which will allow users to delete, keep or manage their personal information. Google stated that they have launched this tool after the reviews and opinion experienced by users.

An Official Statement by Google said, “You can already use your Google Account to access simply on/off controls for Locations History and Web and App Activity, and if you choose—to delete all or part of that data manually. In addition to these options, we are announcing auto-delete controls that make it even easier to manage your data.”

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How this new Tool of Google will work?

The user will have the option to choose the time limit for how much time they want their personal information, activities, and data to be saved. The user may also choose from 3 to 18 months. After this period, any saved data older than the specified period of time will be automatically deleted from the account on a routine basis.

At the earlier stage, the user will have control on “Web and App Activity” and “Location History” and updates will be rolled out very soon.


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