Google is testing Stadia on non-Pixel Android phones

Playing AAA titles on a phone is a slightly futuristic experience that helps sell the promise of Google Stadia. So far, that has been limited to Pixel devices, though the goal is to have the streaming service work on every screen. Luckily, Google is testing Stadia on non-Pixel Android phones.

Reports have been coming in from Stadia subscribers in recent weeks, opening the Android app on their non-Pixel devices, and seeing “This screen” appears as an option below the swirling orange play button. This is a suggestion of a Chromecast Ultra or computer instead of “Choose where to play”

After connecting a third party or Stadia Controller, they can start a game on Wi-Fi for an experience similar to the Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4. Sadly, access only lasts for that session, since “This screen” disappears after the current game has been exit.

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This seems to be Google’s A/B check for gathering Stadia data running on non-Pixel phones. There is nothing that users can do to join this trial at random.

A couple of early access reports date back to December and several devices such as a Samsung Galaxy 10e, Note, and 9 OnePlus 6T. They extend many generations and ranges, suggesting that Google could apply support for Stadia to a wide array of phones.

In November, Google published that it wants “Stadia to eventually run on every screen,” and that starting with Pixel helps improve the experience before full availability by 2020.

Android and iOS and whatnot. We’re starting with Pixel this year. I hope to learn a bunch, make it great, and start expanding to more devices next year.

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