Google Maps advises you to call your doctor before visit, if feel COVID-19 symptoms

Google Maps now shows a warning to medical facilities that consumers should call if they suspect infected with the novel coronavirus

Many People are seeking doctors on Google Maps, and the service probably wants to prevent them from being affected by offices and medical experts COVID-19, which is caused by a novel coronavirus. Google Maps now shows a warning to medical facilities that consumers should call if they suspect infected with the novel coronavirus. Tapping via Alert creates a page on the Disease Control and Prevention website and what to do if a person feels ill. On iOS, the warning appears on every location list, but on Android devices, it also shows up in search results.

Google is working to make sure people see legitimate information and messaging around COVID-19. Searching Google for the “Coronavirus” sends people to a precision search results page that updates the World Health Organization’s resources, safety tips, and news. It implemented the change in January. It’s also building a website that will provide people with information about testing and screening.

Coronavirus COVID-19: cautions, treatment, and vaccines

The company released a joint statement with six other tech giants, including Microsoft, Twitter and LinkedIn trying to prevent misinformation off their websites. Although what those companies are intending to do is unclear yet.

Twitter has said it would start providing credit for advertising by non-governmental organizations to promote public health campaigns and has warned that their moderate efforts may result in some “mistakes”. Part of the campaign may be putting legitimate information and PSAs front and center in its products, as Google is now working with Google Maps.

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