Government of Pakistan Requested Facebook to Remove Polio Vaccine Misinformation

The Government of Pakistan demands Facebook to eliminate damaging POLIO related articles, videos and other content from the social media site. Saying it is becoming dangerous initiatives and putting the vaccinator’s life at risk.

Government of Pakistan Requested Facebook Management to Remove Polio Vaccine Misinformation
Source gulfnews.com

Polio vaccination campaigns are facing persistent resistance for a long time in Pakistan. Recently Pakistani social media network have been overloaded with fake information’s, videos and news reports. Thousands of fake videos and reports are being generated and thousands of views, opinions, and shares in the last few weeks. These fake news reports and videos are claiming that many children have already been killed through polio vaccination. These fake videos and reports are becoming much stronger against the polio vaccination and thousands of parents have refused to allow their children to be inoculated.

“Why am I seeing this post?”

Mr. Babar Atta, who is helping supervise the vaccination campaign in the country, said in a statement “The parental refusals due to propaganda on Facebook regarding the vaccine is emerging as the major obstacle in achieving complete eradication of the virus,”

Babar Atta has additionally requested “Facebook’s management to block and/or manage the dissemination of such anti-vaccination propaganda from their platforms operating from within Pakistan”

.Just because of face news reports and campaigns against the polio-vaccine, around three workers had been murdered in the last country-wide.


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