How to activate Google “Smart Compose” on Android

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a top trend in modern technology industries. Artificial Intelligence slowly creeps into almost big companies Services and products. Most of the high-level companies like Microsoft and Google already started and implementing Artificial Intelligence into their apps, software, camera and “Smartphones” to improve the overall performance of the devices.

Google Smart Compose

Recently Google’s Gmail announced a new feature named “Smart Compose” for its email Clients. The Smart Compose will enhance the typing experience of users, with its “Predicting Word” capability even for the entire Sentence.

Although Google’s Gmail web version already equipped with this feature. But now the company was starting to roll out new updates with this feature for the Android Smartphone App.

Basic Requirement.

  1. Google Account
  2. The latest version of the Gmail app.

How to activate.

  1. Update App
  2. Open the Gmail app

All other steps are automated. You will see a pop-up for the new Smart Compose feature during composing a new email message.

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