How to Change Default Admin Username In WordPress

In a previous article, we discussed how to change the default WordPress Admin URL with a plugin. And now we will discuss how to change the default Admin Username. now we will talk about, how to change default admin username in WordPress with the help of three simple methods. But a big question rise here— why we do need to change the default WordPress admin username?

as we discussed in a previous article, WordPress always uses the default Admin URL like https://www.example.com/wp-login.php for a newly installed website. Everything is just like in a plate and ready to eat. It is very easy for hackers to access your website within minutes, hours or maybe in some days depending on the hacker’s skills

How to Change Default Username In WORDPRESS -- 3 Simple Ways

Let’s discuss the methods to change the Default Admin Username

1. Manually Change the default Username in WordPress

Nowadays, A Most reliable, simplest and easy method to change default username in WordPress is to do it manually. Following are the steps to change the username:

Add a New User

a) Login to your WordPress Account.  Tap on Users on the Left-hand menu. Now, choose “Add New”. Fill In the required Information, and set a harder to remember username. Then tap on Administrator to, so that this user has administrator rights.

b) Log out of default user account by tapping the menu on the top right corner & choosing Log out.

c) Now, Log In with new user account, which you had created having Admin rights. After Logging In with the new Admin Account, hover to users section and choose to view all users. Now select default admin and click “Delete”

d) To save all the contents you have previously created with the default admin account, tick on Attribute all content to. And from the pop-up menu choose the new admin username. Now Confirm Deletion.

All done

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2. Use plugins to change the username

Some times, a newbie can not understand the above (Method steps it is not easy to understand each & everything in a short period of time, and this weak point of the beginner became a loophole for hackers. So, beginners can use Plugins to change the default username. Plugins can change the username instantly.

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We have some good and most commonly used plugins like:

  1. Admin Renamer Extended
  2. Username Changer
  3. WPVN – Username Changer

3. Changing Username from cPanel

Although, changing default Username from cPanel Is not recommended for beginner as it has lots of complications and the user could lose access for their website. Steps are listed below.

a) Log in to cPanel.

b) in the Databases section of the cPanel home screen, search for phpMyAdmin.

c) If you have more then one website installed, identify the database related to your website, for what you are going to change the username.

d) In the left-hand menu of phpMyAdmin, click the WordPress database. A list of tables in the database appears.

e) Click the “wp users” table.

f) In the “user login” column, locate the default username.

g) Double-click the username, type the new username and then press Enter.

h) Log in to WordPress using the new username.

i) Under Dashboard, click Users, and then click Your Profile.

j) Under Name, update the First Name, Last Name, Nickname, and Display name publicly as options for the account.

k) Click Update Profile.

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