How to Delete Personal Contacts uploaded on Facebook

Social Media Giant Facebook that offers millions of daily active accounts. Many times it has happened that millions of users data were exposed accidentally.

How to Delete Personal Contacts uploaded on Facebook

The company “Facebook” is fighting against enormous heat not only from the general users but also from the Governments authorities but since past one year, there seems simply no blocking of it. However, the user can prevent it at least by removing the information what the Company has taken out from the smartphones.

many users are not really aware of Facebook is importing their handset contacts and information on its own servers or website. these are what, the user intentionally or unintentionally submitted on Facebook. Most of the times this information includes text and call history.

Here are a few steps to remove all the data and contacts uploaded on Facebook.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. For Desktop users, open your browser and go to the link “https://www.facebook.com/mobile/facebook/contacts/
  3. On the Page, you will find there tabs “Contacts”, “Call and Text History” and “Invitations sent”.

Contact History


4. Under all of these three tabs click on “Delete All” Option.

Delete All

5. Confirm the delete process and click on Delete.

Facebook will show a message “Your request to delete all uploaded contacts is being processed and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s done. Depending on the size of your contact list, this may take a few minutes”.

That’s all you are Safe now!!!!

The Company says that they use this information to recommend the user more people to connect.  “Facebook matches the name and contact information you uploaded with the name and contact information others have uploaded to provide a better service and make recommendations to you and others, such as helping you find people you may know”

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