How to Download Files Using Apple Safari on iPhone

Over time, Apple iOS has gradually been moving towards becoming a desktop-class operating system. Many new features integrated with the latest versions of iOS have been going towards this and with iOS 13 along with iPadOS 13, they will only cement the view that one-day iOS products will be able to perform almost everything laptops can easily.

Due to iOS 13 and iPad 13, I found the addition of help and support for Bluetooth mice, PS4 and Xbox. A single controller, and some effective changes to Apple safari. One of those Apple safari changes is an option of the appropriate download manager with iOS 13 and iPad 13, which is a superb feature that’s flown under the radar a bit.

Absolutely, the Apple Safari browser includes a most effective download manager and you can download just about any sort of file from the Internet with this browser now. Let’s first cover the basics.

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Where is the Safari download manager?

Simply open Apple safari upon iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 and then tap into any specific download link on the Internet. Now you’ll see a download icon on the top right on Apple safari. Tap that downloads link ıncluding a list of most recently downloaded items can look.

How you can download files using Apple safari on iPhone or iPad

Follow these steps for a summary showing how this procedure is effective.

Open Apple safari.

  • Now go to your favorite web page to locate things to download.
  • Tap into the download link.
  • You might have a verification notification asking if you want to download the file. Tap into Download.

Now you can tap into the Downloads icon on the right on the top to find the progress of the download. When the download is complete, you can tap into clear to empty checklist in downloaded items (this does not delete the files, simply clears checklist on Apple safari.

Automatically packages are actually saved upon iCloud Drive. To change download specific location go to Settings > Apple safari > Downloads.

Now you will choose whether you would like to save downloaded files in your iOS device locally or on the cloud.

There’s another choice in the Downloads page. It’s known as Remove Download List Items. You can tap into might select if you would like to clear {the checklist from downloaded items in the browser automatically or manually.


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