How to earn online with Technical Skills? Knowledge-Based

Technology is a Greek word derived from two words, techne and logia. Technology is a collection of skills and techniques which is used to provide any service or goods to fulfill needs or objectives.

How to earn online with Technical Skills?

This can also be called knowledge of techniques. You have an input (raw material) apply techniques according to the system’s use and produce an output, this can be referred to Technology System.

This simplest form of technology is development, use of tools, and this has just overcome the world. Technology has a vast variety, and you can learn any of them according to your interests. After learning any of the technical skills there is a question arise, How to earn online? Internet, social media, online websites, printing press are all developed forms of technology and technical platforms, now using for earning objects. This has opened the world to you. You can earn online with your technical skills by keeping these points in mind:

  • Take the analytic approach: Read as much as you can about technology trends, products and companies. Get fluent with terminology. Try to understand fundamentals in a particular space. Ask about the company’s vision, its mission and see your portfolio matches with these market trends. Research your competitors to understand offerings and positioning.
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How to earn online with Technical Skills


  • Add sales approach: Understand the objective, needs, pain points, aims and risks of your client.
  • Message to the customer: Approach your client by an impactive message. Understand their perspective. What’s in it? What differentiates this technology solution from competitors?
  • Match content to the customer buying cycle: Customers do up to 80% of research before they go to make sales. They look at different contact in different formats. Therefore, match your content to the customer’s all buying and purchasing cycle.
  • Establish your own thought leadership: Publish your articles or blogs to demonstrate your knowledge. In tech, there is usually more than one way the customer can fulfill their needs. Help them to identify them.

By keeping these points in your mind and after practicing, you can earn a handsome amount to meet your livelihood.


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