How to fix If you are not able to download apps from Google Play Store

Some times the Android users may face a problem to download apps from Google Play store. in these situations, the user gets random error messages whenever they try to download any app from Google Play Store. Perhaps, this is the most common error faced by the Android users when they try to find interesting Game or app and get trapped with the “Pending” or downloading message under the download bar.

How to fix If you are not able to download apps from Google Play Store

At that time even after multiple tries and waiting for hours, the downloading process keeps showing the same error or message. this is a very annoying situation for Android users.

I will brief you some steps and methods that after following you can get rid of this situation and you will be able to resolve that kind of problems while downloading from Google Play store.

  1. Before we go further to the solution there are few facts that users need to check. Google Play store can download one app at the same time. If you try to download more than one app at the same time, only one and very first clicked app will start downloading and other apps will wait before the first one is being completed. the other apps in the list will show the pending download. this situation is absolutely normal and no need to be worried.
  2. you also need to make it sure that you have no internet connectivity problem and your internet is working properly.
  3. Google Play store download the bigger size apps and games only with the Wi-Fi, so make it sure to uncheck the “Download over the “Wi-Fi” option after clicking on the download button.

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After ensuring all of the above options, if you are still not able to download the required app from the Google Play store. Try to solve your problem with the below steps.

  1. first of all, remove your Google Account from the “Account Section” in your Smartphone and add it again.


  1. Open the Settings in the app and tap on the “Apps or Applications” option.

Search for Google Play Store App and tap on it.

  1. now, find the “clear cache” and clear data option.
  2. Go to the “Accounts” section and remove the Google Account.
  3. Now, Restart your smartphone and add Google Account again.


After all of the above steps go to the Google Play Store and try to download your required Game or app.


Hopefully, this will help you to solve your problem.


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