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How to increase fps in pubg mobile

Click on graphics and choose Smooth Option. And click on fps and choose 60fps extreme.


A lot of people have a problem with pubg mobile frames. But a lot of people don’t know about how to increase fps in pubg mobile. In this brief tutorial, I will show a quick tip to increase fps in pubg mobile. And one extra tip which also helps you to increase the fps in pubg mobile at the end of this article.

How to increase fps in pubg mobile

Following are the steps that you should have to follow:

Step 1: Download and install a GFX Tool but not the simple one. Download the XDA version of GFX Tool. Click on the link to download it: GFX Tool XDA

Step 2: After installing this, open this tool and do the magic.

Step 3: First choose the game variant. After that open resolution options and choose the best one for your device. Like if you have a gaming mobile you can choose FHD or if you have a high end phone like 4GB or above ram choose HD+.

Step 4: Click on graphics and choose Smooth Option. And click on fps and choose 60fps extreme.

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Step 5: Click on style and make it colorful for better color. Disable the shadow and MSAA.

Step 6: Scroll Down and enable the memory boost option.

Now run the game through GFX Tool XDA. You can see the run button in the header.

Extra Tip: If you want it more smooth just overclock your smartphone processor. But for that you need to root your android device but here is the solution. You can root your android device with my article


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