How to Install Google’s Live Transcribe Feature on your Android Smartphone

Google has presented some new features that will help users with the reduced speech in their day-by-day life conversations through a few improvements in voice-recognition with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Google has showcased some new Apps including Live Transcribe, Live Caption, Live Relay, and many others to assist the app to understand different speech/conversation behavior and patterns.

How to Install Google’s Live Transcribe Feature on your Android Smartphone

This Project is called  “Project Euphonia” and Google Says that this “will help people make phone calls without having to speak or listen”

Google has recently launched the test version for one of the apps known as “Live Transcribe”. Live Transcribe app is available on Google Play Store.  However, the app mentioned as “Unreleased” and “This app is in development. Be one of the first to try it and provide feedback”.

The app is actually designed for deaf people and it will work as “Live Transcription” tool. The app is available in round about 70 languages and uses smartphone’s microphones and contains two-way communication feature for those who can not speak via a type-back keyboard.

Another app in this contrast, called “Sound Amplifier” which will improve the voice clearness and will boost the volume of sound for enhanced speech recognition.

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Let’s talk about, how to download and use these apps. follow the step-by-step guide.

  1. Open the Google Play Store in your Smartphone, and type the App name in the search bar and hit search option.
  2. After Searched, hit on download.
  3. Once you have the app in your smartphone, go to the Settings > Apps and navigate to the “Accessibility Settings”
  4. Find the installed services and turn-on for both apps.
  5. start the app
  6. In the permission section “Grand” all the necessary permissions.
  7. In the “More Settings” look for Audio and language section and choose the required primary and secondary languages.
  8. Go back and start the transcribing

For Sound Amplifier App.

  1. Go to the accessibility settings section for the app.
  2. Modify the required parameters as per your needs.

All Done

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