How to Keep Fresh your Memories with Google Photos

Some people always had a problem with remembering names in their contact list, especially when they meet somebody out of context. Actually, memory is the most challenging factor, and some peoples always try to attach the contact name with face in their smartphones contact list.

How to keep fresh your memories with Google Photos | Tutorial

Just, for example, think about the embarrassment and the situation like that, when somebody from the previous job (or might be engaged in some sort of dealing) suddenly appears at a friend’s get-together-party or any other event like that, and you spend the next some hours trying to recognize their name.

There are several smartphones apps that claim to be able to help in saving names with the faces. I tried many apps but did not observe any reasonable and decent app for my smartphone. Nevertheless, you can find one app named “Google Photos” that can assist and refresh your memory.

Google photos” is an intelligent app that can automatically collect your photos together in many different groups and categories. The one category which is called “People” that can associate every single person photos who appears in your collection; by selecting one of them, you might find all the photos presenting that person.

Although, it’s a time-consuming process as you have to first label the individuals in your collection somehow, it’s a very useful app if you have completed your homework once.

I will share a quick how-to with you guys if you need help to properly use this app.

  1. through the main "Google Photos page", click inside the search field on the top.
  2. For those who have a verity of photos with people in them, will see a horizontal 
    strip with small sized photos. Tap on the arrow. This will brings you to the 
    People page
  3. Now you might have rows of square images featuring different persons. The reason 
    is, “Google Photos" collects together the images of the identical persons and 
    selects one of them as a representative photo
  4. Choose anyone you would like to recognize. You will be very happy to see all the 
    images that Google Photos has made the decision and included that person, search 
    for a link titled “Add a name” on that page.
  5. Pick the link and start typing. The contact list should come up, enabling you to 
    pick the specific person’s name if that already exists in your contact list. 
    Either, you can simply type in the name.
  6. Now, any time you return to the People page, the specific person’s face will 
    likely be tagged with their name.

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I know it’s a long procedure to inline your contacts with their photos but in the future, you will feel quite comfortable to find or recognize someone.

Sometimes it could also happen with you see that the Photos gets it wrong. In that case, you can easily delete a photo from someone’s page.


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